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Towards a sustainable educational development vision


Responding to our beloved Saudi Kingdom Vision 2030, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia develops governmental sectors,particularly the education sector which is the most effective sector for the vision by introducing a number of developmental opportunities for the education system, as the most rapid sectors concerned with fulfilling society needs.

Implementing the decrees and directions by The Two Holy Mosques Custodian, the Crown Prince that were mentioned in developing education system and providing the best scientific programs and methodologies witnessed in the educational sectors in the kingdom today.

Hence, Kayan & Makan Establishment for Exhibitions & Conferences intends to organize: Jeddah International Education and Training Exhibition & Jeddah Educational Supplies and Solutions “JETEX & JESS 2018” with wide participation of local and international Educational and training institutions and companies as well as interested in educational supplies and solutions.

As the 1st annual event in Makah Al-Mukaramah Emirate. JETEX & JESS 2018, which is based on developing the education sector in the region. It endeavors to achieve the national vision which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seeks for introducing, in the beginning, the message (Towards a sustainable educational development vision), as a title for the objectives set by the Holy Mosques Custodian government in its plans for developing the education sector in the kingdom, within the next years. Thus, JETEX & JESS 2018 is a prominent and distinctive opportunity for local and international educational training institutions willing to participate in developing education sector.

JETEX & JESS 2018 contributes to enlightening and culturing students, as well as creating new horizons in their choice of the suitable academic education, including universities, institutes and postgraduate studies programs for developing their scientific skills.

JETEX & JESS 2018 is the first platform that prompts the meeting of all student categories from secondary schools in both its private and public sectors, in addition to universities, colleges and institutes, along with everyone seeking for training, education, employment, educational supplies and solutions all over KSA, with a wide international participation of Educational and training institutions related to scientific specialization.

  • A platform of direct communication for exchanging information and concepts with experts and those who are concerned
  • with developing education.
  • Being acquainted with the modern educational solutions of the disabled (person with special needs).
  • Facilitate the enrollment of students in training programs by creating linkages between the sectors of the State.
  • Raising the standard of economic development by developing vocational training and encouraging students to join it.
  • Making the students acquainted with the programs ending with employment, within both private and public sector.
  • Providing students with options and encouraging them to join the industrial and occupational fields.
  • Opening new horizons for the leading services and solutions in the field of education, training, human development, and
  • educational supplies and solutions.
  • Preparing students for admission and joining the academic study in universities, colleges and local or international
  • institutes.
  • Providing prominent opportunities that can be invested in both fields of training and education.
  • Receiving the largest number of students for achieving the sustainable development.
  • Building partnerships among the targeted groups of schools, universities and academies.
  • Interpreting the requirements of the training programs and the joining conditions.
  • Transfer of modern teaching aids
  • Activating human resources and learning and development functions.
  • Opening the field of discussion and exchanging ideas and experiences to raise competencies in the labor market.
  • Widening the relationships and partnerships with the works' sector for increasing support and optimizing activities.
  • Increasing productivity level through providing a proper work environment.
  • Motivating students to manage their projects in the works' sector.
  • Contribute to raising the health level of the student community to make the most of the educational and training
  • process.
The Expected Number of Visitors & Exhibitors
  • More than 20000 Visitors.
  • 179 Exhibitors.