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Why Exhibit?


  • Direct Communication & Interaction with the targeted groups:
  • Face-to-face communication with the targeted groups, particularly students, and interacting with them for directing them and introducing to them the advantages and services of your establishment, exchanging information, ideas and experiences, as well as following up the procedures of admission and the cost of joining and attending the event, which enhances your efficiency and contributes to building the establishment economy.

  • Introducing Enrollment & Admission Requirements:
  • Finalizing all enrollment and admission procedures for the candidates and the qualified students, and communicating with them for answering their inquiries and candidature result.

  • The Minimum Limit of Expenses & Maximum Revenues:
  • Selecting a large number of distinctive students and targeted persons, and communicating with them, saving time and effort. In addition, executing the procedures of the students' enrollment campaign with the maximum revenues and the minimum expenses, along with the ability of direct guidance for joining the establishment.

  • Showing The Trademark :
    • Exhibiting the trademark and your establishment logo, in an elegant and simple way, and promoting it in the Middle
    • East Region for strengthening the logo in the mind of the targeted groups.
    • Direct advertising and marketing for your services.
    • Shedding light on the establishment and interaction with the visitors to exhibit and manifest the establishment
    • services.
  • Widening the Social Media Networks :
    • An effective means for communicating with the decision makers and the senior executive officials, as well as the
    • participating officials and visitors, and building good working relationships with them and winning their trust.
    • Holding transactions that increase your revenues leading to the success of your establishments.
  • Exchanging experiences :
    • Exchanging experiences with different educational institutions, and encouraging them to exchange opinion and
    • viewpoints freely towards the problems they encounter, as they suggest many good concepts and solutions, motivating the
    • competent to exert prominent efforts in front of their colleagues.
    • Knowing the new educational supplies and solutions.
  • Media, Marketing & Advertising Campaign before and during the Exhibition :
  • JETEX & JESS 2018 Exhibition is distinguished by large and enormous campaigns before and during the exhibition, which achieves the participants' aims and objectives and meets their satisfaction. The campaign includes the following:

    • Coordination with the private and governmental secondary schools to visit the exhibition.
    • Advertising campaigns in schools, institutes, colleges and universities, along with the sponsors' logos.
    • Printing special invitations for VIPs and the targeted groups, along with the sponsors' logos.
    • Distributing 100,000-presentation Flyers, and showing the sponsors' logos in the most important Saudi newspapers.
    • Advertising the exhibition and the sponsors' logos in the audio and visual media in Saudi Arabia.
    • Advertising the exhibition and the sponsors' logos in the newspapers.
    • Outdoors Ads two weeks before the exhibition, along with the sponsors' logos.
    • Sending an invitation via SMS, in the names of the sponsors for visiting the exhibition.
    • Advertising in the most important Saudi & Arab electronic forums with the sponsors' logos.
    • Electronic marketing campaign for the exhibition with the sponsors' logos on all social media and the famous
    • websites, as well as sending ads via e-mails for the targeted groups.
    • Holding a press conference about the exhibition and its objectives.
    • Sending an invitation for participation with the sponsors' logos to the ministers of education, and the bodies in
    • relation in KSA, and Arab countries, as well as VIPs in League of Arab States (LAS) and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).
    • Producing a promoting and documentary video about the exhibition and sponsors before, during and after the
    • exhibition for publishing on the media.
  • The Promotional Program During the Exhibition
    • Opening Ceremony in the First Day.
    • Activity Time
      Opening 10:00 AM
      National Anthem of Saudi Arabia 10:02 AM
      The Holy Quran 10:05 AM
      Speech of Princes and Ministers 10:10 AM
      Speech of Diamond Sponsor and Organizers 10:20 AM
      Exhibition Documentary Movie 10:35 AM
      Honoring the Sponsors and Participants 10:40 AM
      Closing 11:00 AM
    • Meetings with the local newspapers, radio stations and TV channels.
    • Distributing about 21,000 thousand copy of the exhibition guidebook, containing the names and contact information of the participants in the exhibition, and it is distribute free among visitors.

Exhibition Agenda

Date From To Activities
10 March 2018 07:00 AM 11:00 PM Establishing the exhibition and preparing the show-room.
11 March 2018 12:00 AM 07:00 AM Delivering the suites/stands for the exhibitors for arranging their exhibit-ed goods.
11- 13 March 2018 10:00 AM 10:00 PM Starting the exhibition events - opening times during the exhibition days.
13 March 2018 10:00 PM 04:00 AM Starting evacuation and delivering the rented areas. Accordingly, the rented areas shall be received completely free as it was received.